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Calle San Pedro, n.29

35640 - La Oliva

(Las Palmas) Fuerteventura

Canarias, Spain

+34 689 60 28 58

+34 689 60 28 58
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Airway Connect



In addition to direct link with airports of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife North and Tenerife SouthFuerteventura Airport in Puerto del Rosario is connected to many European cities:

AUSTRIA : Vienna

BELGIUMBrussels and Brussels-South

Route from Fuerteventura Airport:

Car Rental in Fuerteventura Airport:

AutoReisen rent a car
CICAR Canary Islands Car
Goldcar Rental
PayLess Car

Bus Service in Fuerteventura Airport:

Grupo 1844
Autobuses Torres
Maxorata Bus
Bus Leader

Line 07 - Puerto del Rosario/El Cotillo


Las Palmas Bus Fuerteventura

Taxi Service in Fuerteventura Airport:

Taxis Fuerteventura
Taxis Corralejo

Bus Stops > Soleario

Ferry Connect


Ferry connections from Europe to Canary Islands are made from the two Spanish ports of Cadiz and Huelva, with direct links to islands of Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife.


The connections from mainland Spain to the Canaries are long, but the ships are generally comfortable which makes the trip quite pleasant.

The four tourist/commercial ports of Fuerteventura are Puerto del Rosario, Gran TarajalMorro Jable and Corralejo.

At the moment none of these are directly connected arriving from Spain, from Europe, but the six companies mentioned connect comfortably the islands of the archipelago and the four ports of Fuerteventura. The most convenient way to get to Fuerteventura by sea is to arrive in Arrecife, Lanzarote, and take an additional ferry that link Playa Blanca to Corralejo.
Fuerteventura is not directly connected to the routes arriving from Spain, but on the reverse course weekly a ferry leaves Puerto del Rosario directed to Cadiz with a stopover in Arrecife.

Ferry companies operating in Canaries:

Lineas Maritimas Romero
Fred Olsen Express
Biosfera Express
Naviera Armas

        CADIZ   >   ARRECIFE

Trasmediterranea, jointly with Naviera Armas, guarantees a weekly route Cadiz > Arrecife.
The ferry leaves every Tuesday at 16:00
, the journey takes 27 h and arrival is scheduled for 18:00 (*) on Wednesday.


        HUELVA   >   ARRECIFE

FRS Iberia guarantees a weekly route Huelva > Arrecife.
The ferry leaves every Saturday at 12:30, the journey takes
27 h 30 min, arrival is scheduled for 15:00 (*) on Sunday.


       (*) Local Canary time zone

From Arrecife in you reach the port of Playa Blanca in 35 min, take a look at the map below:

If you not traveling with your own vehicle, you can rent a car in Arrecife:

Alternatively, you can use public transport:

Once you arrive at Playa Blanca port, in half an hour another ferry will take you finally to Corralejo, to Fuerteventura.

The route Playa Blanca / Corralejo is covered both by Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen Express, with ferries more or less every two hours.

More updated and detailed information on respective companies websites.

Or you can call a    TAXI

FRS Iberia

Be careful when choosing routes and arrival times in Arrecife:
The last daily ferry Lanzarote > Fuerteventura leaves Playa Blanca at 17:00 on weekdays, 19:00 on Sundays



        ARRECIFE   >   CADIZ

Trasmediterranea, jointly with Naviera Armas, guarantees a weekly route ArrecifeCadiz.
The ferry leaves every Saturday at 23:30
 (*), the journey takes 31 h 30 min and arrival is scheduled for 07
:00 on Tuesday.

This ferry also provide an optional direct departure from Fuerteventura, from Puerto del Rosario every Saturday at 19:00 (*)

The ferry then stops in Arrecife and leaves for Cadiz at 23.30 (*)


        ARRECIFE   >   HUELVA

FRS Iberia guarantees a weekly route Arrecife > Huelva.
The ferry leaves every Thursday at 15:30
 (*), the journey takes 27 h 30 min
, arrival is scheduled for 15:00 (*) on Sunday.

 WARNING:  this ferry is seasonal, from spring to summer. For the rest of the year the departure is moved to Las Palmas, on Gran Canaria isla, every Thursday at 08:00 (*)

The journey is a little longer, with a stopover in Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 10:45 (*)
Re-start from Tenerife at 12:00, arrival in Huelva is scheduled for 21:00 on Friday, after 36 h totally lenght travel

       (*) Local Canary time zone

Fuerteventura   >   Spain

Spain   >   Fuerteventura

In addition to several isla-to-isla "ferrybus", Naviera Armas, FRS and Trasmediterranea are the three companies that connect Canary Islands with the continent.

Fred Olsen Express provides many fast connections locally only between the islands.

Route from Corralejo port:

Route from Puerto del Rosario port:

Route from Morro Jable port:

Fred Olsen Express

Lineas Maritima Romero connects Corralejo with Playa Blanca (5 routes per day) and La Graciosa with Orzola (10 routes per day)


Biosfera Express connects only La Graciosa with Orzola (9 routes per day)

Naviera Armas
Lineas Maritimas Romero
Biosfera Express

However, depending on your berthing port in Fuerteventura here are the directions to reach Guest House SoleaRio:

FRS Iberia
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